FortyFive8- Independent Publisher specializing in religious and spiritual reads.

As a hybrid publisher FortyFive8 is different in the publishing industry because we are neither traditional publishing nor are self-publishing. We are right in the middle offering our authors another option.

Self-publishing platforms like our sister company Miss Winn who accepts whatever comes through. However we use a high quality vetting process to select ALL of our authors to ensure that they and they work are well received in the marketplace. All of FortyFive8’s authors receive marketing and promotional assistance and support  immediately upon signing the FortyFive8 Agreement. 

Why FortyFive8?

1. Higher Cash Flow

Authors invest in a publishing package while keeping 70% of net royalties. 

2. We're Professional

Working with high quality freelancers and volunteers lead by Miss Winn who has 6 years in the publishing industry. 

3. You Maintain Control

We simply professional partners who team up with you to make your dream come true and your story come to life.