Rude Awakening: Story of the Forgotten Crip By Duane Fitpatrick


Rude Awakening: Story of the Forgotten Crip is a love story turned upside down. It began with a young boy trying to fit in with his peers, and finding acceptance within the confines of a street gang. A series of bad decisions ultimately landed him in prison, where he was forced to grow up and learn life lessons under some difficult conditions. And, he came to realize after several years into his sentence that what was missing in his life (or so he thought) had been there by his side all along.

And, that what he had clung to the most (his past) wasn’t clinging to him the same way. He learned that time doesn’t stand still for anyone, that time’s change, people change, and he had to accept that ‘changing was a part of life that everyone had to accept’ no matter how difficult the reality of that would be.

His trials and tribulations were unkind, but most of his wounds had been self-inflicted. That, he had to ‘get real’ with himself in order to bring the chaos to order in his mind. In order to overcome the odds and survive the hand, he had been dealt.

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