We are looking for high-quality, entertaining and engaging manuscripts that enhances our readers’ lives. Submit your manuscript for review. We only accept submissions of original work. All manuscripts are run through an advanced plagiarism checking software to certify originality. Have your first 30 pages ready for submission in a Word Doc. (doc. or docx.) 

Edit Your Manuscript Before You Submit

Please do your best to edit your manuscript before you submit it for review. If we find countless typos, mistakes in your manuscript, your chances of getting a book deal are slim. The submissions that win and are accepted for a publishing deal are those that are well-edited. A well-edited manuscript also includes the format in which you send me your work. It should be: 

  • In one document 
  • 12 point font 
  • Double spaced 
  • Normal margins
  • Times New Roman ( i.e. no fancy text)
  • Includes book matter (dedication, table of contents, acknowledgment, etc)

At this point in the process, please do not send your entire manuscript. You will simply fill out the form below. You will receive further instructions in the confirmation email. Give us 2-4 weeks after your submission to hear back from us. 

We are committed to bringing life changing projects into the marketplace. If we determine that your manuscript is ready for publication, we will email you with a FF8 publication agreement and you will opt into the FortyFive8 Publishing Package. If we recognize that your manuscript needs more work, we will give you feedback and a recommendation for what your next steps should be. Please see our process for a detailed outline on how our model works.

Manuscript Submission Application

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we review all submissions.

No. We welcome literary agents and independent authors.  

At FortyFive8, we believe in creating long-term partnerships that are good for you and for us. That’s why you keep more than what the industry standard offers at 70%. 

Learn more about the FortyFive8 Publishing Package here

No. Even if you meet all the guidelines on this page, we review all submitted manuscripts and decide on a case-by-case basis. Authors who are receptive to constructive criticism and are willing to set their egos aside in order to learn and grow are welcome to resubmit their manuscripts for consideration after making editorial changes.

No, not at this time.